Off road adventuresPrescott and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer when it comes to off-road adventuring. There is no shortage of sand, mud, or mountains to drive through and no shortage of things that can go wrong. Here at Hoist Towing and Recovery we have a few tips before you take your next trip.

Know what’s ahead

You are probably going to go through sand, mud, or loose dirt. After all, this is part of what makes off-roading so much fun, right? Before moving through an area, stop and take the time to see what’s ahead. Check the conditions of the road, and look for hazards. A few minutes parked on the trail could save you hours trying to free yourself.

Choose the right path

There are always going to be twists and turns, but rough corners are where many people get stuck. To avoid this, be sure to drive in a straight line. If you’ve already checked to see what’s coming up, you should be able to adjust your route, so you can take the rough areas head-on.

Keep moving

Momentum is required if you don’t want to get stuck, but it’s important to know how much momentum you need for each situation. If you are driving in mud, don’t use a low gear and make sure you have enough speed to push through. If your tires start to spin, let off the accelerator until they get traction again. If you are on firm sand, a low gear is usually best.

You can plan for everything, have the perfect route, and use perfect throttle control, but sometimes you get stuck. In the unfortunate event this happens to you, Hoist Towing and Recovery, your roadside assistance service in Prescott, offers 24-hour emergency service and an expert team to get you on your way again. Our 24-hour number is 928-660-0606. Happy trails!


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