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Helpful Roadside and Maintenance Tips

Types of tow trucks and their uses

There are different kinds of vehicles designed for towing. Each kind of towing vehicle is used for different towing purposes. Each also offers its own advantages and/or disadvantages. It is... read more

Check your tire pressure to avoid a blowout

A tire blowout is a loud and scary explosion combined with the smell of burning rubber. And when it happens on a fast highway, as it sometimes does, the situation... read more

Having your vehicle towed after an accident

Let’s imagine you are traveling around Prescott when the unimaginable happens. Your car lurches to a halt and you realize you’ve been in a car accident. Most of us will... read more

Recovery offers tips to avoid breakdowns

You're driving down the road on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when all of a sudden the car makes a terrible clanking and clunking sound, smoke comes out from under the... read more

Tire talk

One of the most common roadside assistance calls that towing companies receive are calls for help with a flat tire. For a towing company, changing a flat tire is simple.... read more

Emergency items to keep in your vehicle

It is impossible to know when or where your car might break down. Oftentimes, drivers find themselves without cell service and miles away from help. Here at Hoist Towing and... read more

Jump starting your car

Who thinks about their car battery? No one, until it's dead and, by then, you've got plenty of time to think about it because you aren't going anywhere. If you... read more

How to deal with a flat tire

When you own a car, flat tires are a fact of life. It is always inconvenient, and in the moment, you may not know what to do. At Hoist Towing... read more

Off road adventures

Prescott and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer when it comes to off-road adventuring. There is no shortage of sand, mud, or mountains to drive through and no... read more

If you are locked out of your car

You may have, like most of us at one time or another, realized - just as you hear the car door slam shut - that your keys are still inside.... read more

Flatbed towing

Seldom do people leave their home expecting problems with their vehicle, but unfortunately, your vehicle may break down. When this happens, you need a reputable towing service to move it... read more

Roadside assistance for electric cars

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. While in some regards they have much less in common with their traditional gasoline engine counterparts, they do have one thing in... read more

Emergency fuel delivery

If your vehicle runs out of gas while you’re on the road it can be very frustrating. It can also be dangerous. Hoist Towing and Recovery talks about emergency fuel... read more

Driving on unpaved roads

One of the best things about Prescott for outdoor enthusiasts is off road trails... unpaved and made up of gravel and dirt, road ruts, mud, tree roots and large rocks.... read more

Reasons to pull over and call for roadside assistance

Unexpected roadside issues, especially when you don’t know exactly what's happening, can be extremely stressful. Hoist Towing and Recovery recommends that Prescott drivers do the safest and smartest thing and... read more

Safety tips when you need roadside assistance

No matter how well you care for your vehicle, and how good a driver you are, there are still times that a road hazard or event may occur that requires... read more
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