We Are Thankful for So Much

We Are Thankful for So Much

As families gather on Thanksgiving Day, we at Hoist Towing and Recovery, above all, we recognize with gratitude that the United States is the most prosperous and free nation in the world. We are without a doubt, so thankful! We are very grateful in fact for the gracious customers we serve in Prescott and surrounding areas.

We Are Thankful for So Much


Thanksgiving for Our Freedom

Our Founders clearly laid out wonderful principles for forming a union based on the highest ideals for our citizens. In fact, is there anywhere else in the world this has ever been achieved? The foundational principles of liberty have blessed and protected us beyond measure.

Freedom to Worship

The First Amendment of the Constitution ensures the right for American citizens to speak and worship whom they desire without fear. Often people of other nations are punished for expressing what is in their hearts and on their minds. Unless the government approves it, many are punished for their faith and how and where they worship.

Thankful for Self-Determination

In the United States, we have the opportunity to definitely achieve the very best we can through our own initiative. Through free enterprise, every citizen is also allowed to work and use their mental faculties for personal success. We are thankful that self-determination absolutely blossoms. Individualism and liberty have further enabled us to aspire to fulfill “The American Dream.”


We Are Thankful for American ingenuity

Grateful for American Ingenuity

Through ingenuity, Americans have additionally succeeded in creating solutions that make our lives happier and more comfortable. These advancements have blessed the entire world. Think of our medical technology. Advances in healthcare have enabled us to live longer and enjoy the quality of our lives. Although we often take such things for granted, they are things for which we should be truly thankful.

Thankful for Our Customers

Because of customers like you that we are so blessed. You are the reason we share this Thanksgiving message. To you in the Quad-Cities and beyond: We thank you!

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