One of the most common roadside assistance calls that towing companies receive are calls for help with a flat tire. For a towing company, changing a flat tire is simple. But for the driver, it can be a real nuisance. Hoist Towing & Recovery offers some fast and simple preventative measures for Prescott drivers to consider.

Check Your Tire Pressure

To ensure you have reliable tires, check their pressure regularly. Never wait until the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) indicator light goes on. Low tire pressure can result in a number of problems including irregular wear which can lead to dangerous blowouts.

Heavy Cargo

Overloading your vehicle is another sure way to damage your tires. Every vehicle has a weight capacity, and loading a vehicle beyond that capacity can cause flats and blowouts.

Avoid Speeding

You shouldn’t be speeding to begin with – for obvious reasons – but if you need another reason, high speed driving can heat up the inner tire resulting in a significant drop in pressure. The result? Disaster.

Inspect the Tire Tread

Depending on the quality of your tires, your driving habits, the weather, and cargo weight even the best tires show signs of wear and tear. Whenever you have the air pressure in your tires checked, check your tread depth. To check the tread yourself, use a penny with Mr. Lincoln’s head facing you. Insert the penny (head-first) in between the tread, and if the tread is above his head, it’s time for a professional inspection. If you also notice uneven tread wear, have your tires inspected to determine the cause. Additionally, look for irregular tire wear patterns. If the tread is wearing down unevenly, it can be a sign of a tire problem.

Taking care of your car’s tires can mean the difference between arriving at your destination safely and on time, or not. These easy tips from Hoist Towing & Recovery can help keep Prescott drivers safe. But if you do find yourself stranded on the road, whether from a flat or any other situation, call Hoist Towing & Recovery at 928-660-0606.

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